Exotic Live Game Sales in Texas

Exotic Live Game Sales

We have over 40 species of big game and Live Exotic Game Animals to stock your ranch. Some are so tame that they will eat out of your hand. All our animals are on year-round worming and protein feeding programs. Most of our animals do not require a high-fence and can stay behind a standard ranch fencing with no problem. Feel free to call with any questions about which animals can be put together. 

Delivery to your ranch is available in most cases, or we can refer you to someone we trust that has experience with animal transporting. At this time we do not have a standard price list for all of our animals, and prices vary depending on species, size, age and sex – just let us know what you’re looking for and we will give you a quote, or see some of our current specials and package deals below!

Zebra for Sale

Live Zebra for Sale

Current Zebra Prices:

  • Grants Zebra Foals: Pulled at 3-days old so buyer can bottle feed or left on mom until 4-months.
  • $7,450 – Males: From 3-days old to 18-months old.
  • $8,950 – FemalesFrom 3-days old to 18-months old.
  • $10,450 – Breeding Age Females 
  • $8,950 – Breeding Age Males 

 Here at the Lonesome Bull Ranch we have approximately 10 herds of zebras over 120 in all. We sell male and female zebras starting at 3 days old to 1.5 years of age. If you are interested in a pet zebra that will be like a dog and comes up to you when you call its name. You must put up a deposit to hold the 1st newborn baby zebra that is born.

We normally have 1-2 per month. You must pick up the baby within 72 hours and if you can’t there are a few people around who will bottle feed them for a few days. But the zebra must be paid for before it leaves the ranch an it’s your responsibility after it leaves the ranch. We have a cheat sheet and instructions on feeding and care for the baby zebra and can be reached most of the time for questions.

You may also purchase a baby zebra raised by the mom at 4 months of age to 1.5 years of age. But they will not be as tame as a bottle-fed baby.  Most adult female zebras we sell are exposed to males and usually pregnant. Adult male zebras are sold as proven studs (please see photos).

(Bison) Buffalo for Sale

We also have some other ages and prices of Buffalo for Sale, but are not listed. We can offer a deal if 4 or more are bought. Some of our Buffalo are so tame they will eat out of your hand. 

Current Buffalo (Bison) Prices:

  • $2,950 – Exposed Females 
  • $1,475 – Weaned Calves up to 18 months: When bought in pairs.
  • $4,450 – Two year old bull (limited)  
  • $5,500 – Huge breeder bulls (limited) 
  • $4,500 -4 year old bulls 
  • $ Per Quote – White Bulls  

Waterbuck for Sale

Current Waterbuck Prices:

  • $5,500 – Large Exposed Females
  • $3,950 – Yearling- 2 year old females
  • Males quoted by horn size and age

Scimitar Horned Oryx for Sale

Current Scimitar Horned Oryx Prices:

  • yearlings – $2,950
  • Female 2 yr and up (up to 30″) – $3,950
  • 26” to 29” – $3,950
  • 30” to 38” – $4,450
  • 38” plus – $5,450

Pere David’s Deer for Sale

Current Pere David’s Deer Prices:

  • $2,350 – 2 year old adult females
  • $4,450 – 2 year old males
  • $5,450 – Trophy males
  • $5,950 – Huge Breeder males 

Barasingha for Sale

Our Barasingha are very docile (similar to Pere David’s Deer) and love the water. Their orange color makes them stand out from other animals and your guest probably will not know what they are. They breed at 18 months old and have babies every year.

Current Barasingha Prices:

  • $1,950 – Yearlings 
  • $3,950 – 3 Year old males 
  • $4,950 – Huge Adult males 
  • $2,100 – Females 

Fallow Deer for Sale

Current Fallow Deer Prices:

  •  $3,950 and up– Males
  • $1,975 – Females

Axis Deer for Sale

Current Axis Deer Prices:

  • $3,950 – Males 
  • $895 – Females

Purchasing Live Exotic Animals

We accept checks, money orders and cashier’s checks.  Deposits and payments may be sent to:

Lonesome Bull Ranch 

203 Land Road 

Portland, TX 78374

The above address is our corporate headquarters. 

The Ranch is located in Sandia, TX (See Map on Contact Page)

We require a deposit to hold an animal for purchase. The balance must be paid in full (certified funds before we release custody of the animals to you or your representative, at your ranch upon delivery or into your trailer at pick-up. We will accept cash, cashier’s check or money orders at this time. Check payments can be made 3 weeks in advance of delivery or pick up of the animals. Deposits are non-refundable.

Suggestions we have found helpful over the years:

  • Release all animals at night, free from obstructions when leaving the trailer. 
  • Try to minimize noise, movement and activity around the animals for 1-2 weeks until they find all of the corners of their new environment. 
  • We suggest not darting or running animals through a working facility for 45-60 days unless they need medical attention. 
  • Household dogs, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, etc. can cause problems in and around the animals’ release area.
  • We suggest their regulate supplemental feed be given until animals have adjusted to their new surroundings then slowly weaned off, if you plan to use a different supplement. 

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