About the Lonesome Bull Ranch

About the Lonesome Bull Ranch

The Lonesome Bull Ranch was a part of the 4 L ranch. Purchased in 2001, the lonesome bull ranch has approximately 15 miles of exterior high fence. Its bordered by Cr 534 to the south, 364 on the south east, Indian hills sub-division on our north east, and 1.5 miles boarding lake Corpus Christi on the North side. The Lonesome Bull Ranch was a cattle ranch for several years, with the introduction of a few exotic species primarily for the enjoyment of our family. However, with the species multiplying and the herds growing larger and larger, cattle were eventually phased out and the exotics remained. The exotics brought in more revenue for the ranch and cost extremely less to feed.

How the Ranch Became the Lonesome Bull Ranch

The Lonesome Bull Ranch was named to a tribute to an orphan calf that was bottle fed and raised by our family in Portland TX. He was born on a ranch outside Sinton TX, In the month of March, during a terrible thunderstorm. Fred Rich and Tracy Callus pulled the live calf from the mother and took them to shelter. Unfortunately, his mother did not make it; however, the calf thrived and was named Thunder and he was the first to be released on the ranch at six months old. Thunder was also the only animal on the ranch for a long time. Therefore, the ranch was named in his honor, The Lonesome Bull Ranch. 

Thunder passed away in late 2019 but in the meantime was introduced to many females in his herd. He fathered a son we named Stormy.

The Wildlife at the Ranch

Pere David's Deer at the Ranch

Eighty-Five Percent of Lonesome Bull Ranch is high fence; however, we have an area outside the fence that runs the entire 1.5 miles of lake front property where we do hog hunting. There are also many Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Bobcats, and Coyotes. This area was primarily for our family to enjoy and do a little hunting. However, we had so much success and enjoyment, that now our customers are allowed to hunt here as well.

The Lonesome Bull Ranch is loaded with animals; we do not only have a few of each species, we have an abundant of each of the species. We have over two hundred head of Axis Deer, three hundred Black Bucks, one hundred and forty Scimitar Horned Oryx, one hundred head of Zebra, one hundred of Pere David’s Deer, eighty head of Buffalo, sixty head of Elk and eighty head of Blue Wildebeest. Overall, we probably have over 3,000 animals including Whitetail Deer. 

Wildlife at the LBR

Ten years ago, we removed the cross fencing so now many of the animals run together throughout the entire sixteen hundred acres, except for a few zebra herds that are kept separate. We have some of the largest Axis, Fallow, Aoudad, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Four Horned Sheep, Watusi, Pere David’sBarasingha, and various Buffalo in the entire world.

The lonesome Bull Ranch has 9 ponds that are well fed with well water if needed during the year. We have Rhea’s that run all over the ranch that eat bugs, worms and are fun for the kids to try and catch. We have Capybaras in and around the larger ponds. The one in the main pond behind the house is named Preacher. Because he is so tame, he comes up when we burry one of our dogs on his island in the pond and yes, we have proper funeral with head stones and everything. 

Exotic Wildlife at the Ranch

We have seventeen feeding stations with both protein and corn feeding year around. From time to time we must feed hay when mother nature is not as good to us as in the past seasons. We set up our feeder areas different than most: instead of the animals having to jump a fence. We have constructed a 30’ x 30’ fence 22″ off the ground around a gravity fed, protein feeder and automatic corn feeder. This allows the smaller animals to eat while keeping the exceptionally large animals such as the buffalo and zebra out.

Your Guide and Your Guided Trophy Hunt

Guided Trophy Hunt

We usually like to start your guided hunt with sighting in your weapon at our shooting range that goes up to 300 yards; however, here most of your shots will be 150 yards or less. For our guided hunts we use Polaris, jeeps, trucks, to traverse our ranch. 

Our hunting blinds are large, and three people can hunt comfortably from within them. They are carpeted and in great shape. The Axis, Aoudad, Coyotes, Bobcats, Fallow, Elk, and Red Deer are skittish, so we usually hunt these from a blind.    

We are able to set up bow hunters with tree stands, custom bow stands, pop up blinds, and even a giant blind that looks like a tree stump. However, many of our trophy game animals can be hunted safari style or spot and stalk. 

Guided Trophy Deer Hunt

Our guides are very experienced, and you will be amazed at how well they judge the size of your trophy animal. The guides at the Lonesome Bull Ranch are very dedicated to a successful hunting experience and all-around good time for all our clients. 

On most of our trophy animal hunts, if we can’t show you what you want or you don’t see the trophy you want; you only pay for your guide fee per day, observer fee, and your lodging. So be sure and ask before your hunt. On most hunts we have a small orientation before your hunt and recommend some type of orange be worn in the field. 

We have taxidermist we can recommend, or we can arrange for your animal to be taken to a processor which are about 45 minutes from the ranch. We hunt all year long, but the antlered animals will shed their horns around February and usually be out of velvet late August.

Our Dove Hunts at the Ranch

Dove Hunts Texas

As far as our dove hunts go, hunters have compared their hunt experiences to hunting in Mexico.  We have three flight patterns that fly over the ranch. If you have been here before, you will want to be put under one of these in the afternoon. The ponds are fun  and a little more laid back, but the flight patterns are steady shooting, mostly in the afternoon. There are milo, corn, and sunflower fields surrounding the sides of the ranch and we have the farmers leave the stubble up as long as possible. 3 day minimum for first 3 weekends and 2 day minimum on weekends after that 


Our Meat Hunts at the Ranch

There are many meat hunts to choose from. Some of our popular meat hunts are Axis DoeBlack Buck DoeCow ElkFallow DoeWatusi, Bison, or a Red Deer HindWe have 17 feeding stations throughout the ranch set up with rifle and bow blinds to accommodate any type of hunt.

Our hunts include complimentary field dressing, and we are equipped with a state-of-the-art cleaning station with an electric hoist, walk-in cooler, freezer, and a 500 lb commercial ice machine.

The Hunting Lodges at the Ranch

Main Hunting Lodge

We have a main hunting lodge that can accommodate twenty-two people and a second hunting lodge that can accommodate thirty-two people; plus, individual rooms that sleep four people, each having its own bath. There is a full kitchen in each of the lodges and there is one kitchen for the four separate bedrooms.

We have fire stick tv, a five hundred pound ice maker, and a walk-in freezer and cooler, electric winches, band saws and stainless-steel tables with sinks.

The ranch foreman lives on the ranch and the owner of the ranch spends time there also. The foreman’s house is approximately 200 feet from both lodges and the skinning facility is 100 yards from the lodge.

It’s not unusual for the hunters sit by the fire pit at the main lodge and enjoy a cold beer or a mixed drink at the end of the day. One of the owners has hunted all over the world and if he is there, he will usually come down for a drink and if you ask him, he might show you his amazing collection. Also, the ranch owner has been known to do some bartering for hay, labor, road work, grading, and dozer work and other things and it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Area Around LBR

If camp BBQ is not what you want at the end of the day, Orange Grove and Mathis are only minutes away with several hometown restaurants and shops for your enjoyment. Walmart is located within close proximity of the ranch for groceries or essentials that you may need for your stay at the Lonesome Bull Ranch.

Walmart is about 30 minutes away from the ranch and Academy is 40 minutes. Many people need more ice chests, especially on the Meat Hunts. There are paved roads all the way to the main house and lodge. It’s a beautiful ranch with South Texas brush, small hills, large mesquite trees, oak trees and flat grass lands.